Become a part of the neighborhood!

To celebrate our 50th Anniversary, we are constructing in our Plaza Betances a small scale house through your donations to physically commemorate the history of Villa Victoria.

As our way of saying thanks, we will place your name (or name of your choice), or logo* on the bricks you donate, and we will mention you on our social media.

Your name will also be entered into an Opportunity Drawing to win 2 tickets to IBA’s Anniversary Gala on November 3rd. The more bricks you purchase the more entries into the Opportunity Drawing!


See our house being built on social media!

*If you’d like to have a logo please send it to once your donation is made

1 Brick

You will provide 2 health fairs for over 150 seniors living in Villa Victoria to ensure our aging residents make smart choices and improve their quality of life


2 Bricks

You will send 15 teenage peer leaders on educational field trips with the Appalachian Mountain Club, where they will gain valuable leadership skills and broaden their horizons.


3 Bricks

You will provide art supplies for 40 English Language learners in the 2nd and 3rd grade, which helps children develop language and literacy while preventing summer learning loss.


4 Bricks

You will support an evening with a Latino artist, uniting Villa Victoria residents with those of the surrounding South End Neighborhood to foster meaningful cultural connection among residents.


5 Bricks

You will support one-on-one financial coaching and support for 5 young adultsto help them build credit and assets to achieve economic empowerment and independence.


Thank You to Everyone Who Has Already Donated:

K. Weill Consulting Group, LLC 

Christopher Spinazzola

William Bart Lloyd

Carmen Lennon

Anna Rabin

Jenny Fauth 

Moira Studio 

Vadim Kuksin 

Maria Vasallo 

Hector Cruz 

Lenox Memorial Middle & High School 

Joseph Kriesberg 

Kevin Gray 

Cecilia Sterenberg 

Elsa Mosquera-Sterenberg 

Omze Group 

Dana Theus & Rick Paddock 

Penelope Paddock & Janet Theus 

Ben Paddock & Jeff Paddock 

Lynn Holbein, Linda Gallup and Sarah White 

Nancy Levy-Konesky 

Elizabeth González Suárez 

Mana Escondido Café 

Reinalda Rivera 

Nicola Truppin 

David Goldovt-Ryzhenkov 

Pedro J. Santiago 

Vanessa Calderon-Rosado

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